Twenty Two years ago in 1997 I started Firey Computers in San Angelo, TX while I was attending Angelo State University. I made a garage apartment my office / computer repair shop and I looked up to people like Bill Gates and Michael Dell. I wanted to be like them some day. They had started out in their garage so why couldn’t I?

I grew up in rural Oklahoma about 20 miles west of Tulsa. Even though I was a country boy I had always loved technology. In the mid 1980’s I won a contest on KXOJ (a Tulsa Christian radio station) for a free PC Bible game and I was so excited. The only problem was that we didn’t own a computer. I never got to use that game!

I attended a private Christian School, Bethany Christian Academy, west of Sand Springs when we first started seeing computers in the school. I was so excited to be able to play on the computers. I never dreamed I would one day be providing mobile computer repair in Tulsa….Click here to see full story