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Ready to get a high-quality computer Repair Tulsa or network repair?

On-Site Computer Repair:
918-258-FIRE (3473) You may text or call us!

Drop Off PC Repair:
9125 South Sheridan Road Suite 110
(South of The Hamlet) Tulsa, OK 74133

We are the highest-rated and best computer repair in Tulsa!

Drop Off Computer Repair Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM–5:00 PM
Saturdays: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

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Our Computer Repair Tulsa shop is located at:

9125 South Sheridan Road Suite 110 (South of The Hamlet) Tulsa, OK 74133

On-Site Computer Repair and Networking Hours:

Monday-Saturday: By appointment.

We can schedule an onsite computer repair or networking install at any time you are available.
Early morning or after hour onsite appointments may be subject to a higher hourly rate.

Fireytech makes on-site computer repair in Tulsa easy.  Just contact us to schedule your onsite computer repair Tulsa today.  We offer new client specials and provide high quality, background and drug screened technicians for all on-site computer repairs in Tulsa.  Fireytech is the best computer repair company in Tulsa.  Fireytech is the highest rated on-site computer repair Tulsa company.

Fireytech computer repair Tulsa makes pc repair near me Tulsa easy.  Just bring in your computer for a quality computer repair.  Our in-shop technicians take the time to make sure your computer repair Tulsa is done right and you can drop off and pick up your pc at your convenience.

We try to make contacting Fireytech to get IT Support as easy as possible.  We are available via multiple communication methods.  You can reach us by (deep breath) Phone, Text, Facebook Messenger, Email, Google Business, Smoke Signals, Morse Code, etc. 😊

In today’s overly connected world it almost feels like communication whacks a mole.  We do our best to monitor all the possible methods but we would recommend that the best way to reach Fireytech for the best computer repair shop service in Tulsa is to call or text us at 918-258-3473 (FIRE).  Our professional and responsive computer techs are here 9 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am – 2 pm on Saturdays to get your computer up and running as quickly as possible.

With every customer contact, we listen to what you have to say about the computer issue you are facing.  We know you may not be tech experts but the things you tell us to give us the clues we need to start the computer repair in the right direction.  We encourage our pc repair customers to describe everything in detail.  We promise you’re not on a hidden camera show when we even ask to sound out the sounds it is making.  The smallest detail can help us trace the root of the problem.  Whether it’s a “whirr whirr” or a grunk grunk we want to know what you’re hearing.

When you come into our computer repair shop in Tulsa or we come to your house for a on-site computer repair Tulsa, you will be greeted by a friendly, professional technician who is ready to help.  We get right to work to find out why your computer is broken.  Once we have a clear picture of what is going on with the broken computer, we will contact you to give you an update and an accurate quote of what it will take to repair the computer.  The great thing is we offer free diagnostic if you bring the computer into our shop.  This gives you peace of mind that you aren’t going to experience sticker shock.  We take the time to communicate exactly what we found was wrong with your broken laptop or broken desktop computer.  We explain each part needed, the cost of the parts, and the breakdown of the labor fees.  If we have to order parts we clearly communicate the shipment timeframes and when you can expect to get your computer back up and running.  If there are any changes in status we take the time to call or text you with updates on your computer repair so you are always in the loop.  We are the highest rated computer repair shop in Tulsa for a reason.  Many companies can get a computer fixed but, at Fireytech, we provide the highest customer service and communication in the It Support industry.

In all of our communication, we make sure that we are speaking with you in terms that make sense to the average person.  We aren’t going to use a bunch of technical jargon.  We want you to fully understand what is happening with your computer and what is being repaired.  Fireytech will take the time to explain the best computer repair options, what each part does, how it factored into the computer failure, and what options you have in the repair.  In many cases, when a computer part needs to be replaced it’s an opportunity to perform an upgrade or perform computer preventative maintenance.  

We will suggest things like:

  • Upgrading your hard drive from a standard mechanical hard drive to an SSD (Solid State Drive) which will greatly improve the performance and speed of your computer
  • Upgrading your RAM (memory) so that Microsoft Windows has all the room it needs to open up programs and flex its muscles and make your computer run faster.
  • Creating back up media.  In today’s world, manufacturers ship computers and laptops without any Windows / Operating System recovery media.  There are recovery partitions on the hard drive but if your hard drive fails, it will be lost and you would be forced to purchase recovery media from the manufacturer, pay to ship, wait on the shipping time, and that would make your computer repair time much greater.  For a flat rate of $35, we can proactively create recovery media for you so that you are protected against a hard drive failure.

In everything we do, Fireytech strives for excellence in communication with our wonderful computer repair customers.  We want you to be beyond satisfied with the entire experience working with Fireytech computer repair Tulsa.  Call us today!  918-258-FIRE (3473).