Fireytech provides the following Information Technology Services to both Home and Commercial Customers:

  • In-Shop Computer Repair (Drop off Computer Repair)
  • On-Site Computer Repair
  • On-Site Information Technology Support
  • Remote computer repair (Remote computer support)
  • Data Backup Services
  • Technology Concierge Service
  • Networking
  • Low Voltage Cabling
  • Refurbished Computer Sales and Refurbished Laptop Sales
  • New Computer Parts
  • Audio-Video Accessories Sales
  • Computer Accessories Sales
  • Networking Supplies Sales

Best Value: In-Shop Computer Repair (Drop Off Computer Repair)

Fireytech provides amazing Tulsa computer repairs at our Tulsa computer repair shop at 9125 S. Sheridan Rd, Suite 110, Tulsa, OK 74133. We are near the corner of 91st and Sheridan.

Why many customers choose to get their computer or laptop repaired at our shop is that it represents the best value. With our drop-off computer repairs, we can work on multiple machines at the same time which reduces what we charge each customer.
Many repair tasks involve waiting on downloads, waiting on Windows Installation steps, waiting on virus scans to complete, or waiting on data to backup. When a computer is in our shop, we only charge based on how much actual time our technician spends in front of your computer; not the times he leaves it sitting for an hour or two while the computer is completing a task on its own. This saves the customer money over an onsite service call.


Best Quality: On-Site Computer Repair

There are some situations when bringing the computer to our shop for repair simply won’t work for you. Many business customers do not have the time to wait around and sit in line; the business is down and you need someone to get you back up and running right then. Fireytech can help!

Some customers have detailed technology needs that are too involved to resolve in the shop and find that having a tech onsite is the only way to properly resolve their technical problem. Your issue may be that you can’t get your smart thermostat to connect, your wifi is down, you can’t get a printer installed. These kinds of technical issues are best resolved at your location in your environment.
Others simply prefer the one on one attention of a dedicated on-site computer technician. You may have data or privacy issues and leaving your computer in our shop isn’t an option for you. We treat all customer computers with the utmost care and we only use background and drug screened technicians for our onsite and in-shop repairs. You and your data are safe with us!
Many times we also see people who just can’t physically disconnect and carry in their computer tower or are nervous about reconnecting all the jumble of wires behind their computer. We are happy to offer pickup and delivery options if you want to get the value of the in-shop repair but can’t physically get your computer to the shop.

In all these situations, Fireytech is always happy to complete an excellent on-site computer repair (onsite computer repair) for you or your business for a fair hourly rate.


On-Site Information Technology Support

Fireytech can help you make sense of your home or business network. Have a shared printer that suddenly stopped printing from one workstation? Have a folder you need to be shared with certain people in your company or with all the computers in your home? Need a remote desktop solution so you can connect to the office from home or on the road? Fireytech can help with all these technology solutions with our on-site IT Support Services (Onsite IT Services).

Do you have a satellite office or a client that has your network equipment but no local tech support? Fireytech can provide Smart Hands support. If you just need a skilled technician to perform a test and turn up of a circuit or you need a quality network technician to do a Rack and Stack, Fireytech can help!

Remote computer repair (Remote computer support)

Do you have a computer that is working but it’s just not working right or you have a quick technical question and don’t want to have an onsite computer repair or bring it into the shop for something simple? Fireytech can help with the best remote computer support in Tulsa. Simply call us and we’ll walk you through the software install and connect to your computer remotely and help you. Your computer needs to be functional to the point that it will boot to Windows and has an internet connection. If either of those is not possible a on-site computer repair or in-shop computer repair will be the best option for you.

Data Backup Services

Are you upgrading your computer and simply want your personal files and photos off an old machine? Did you spill a cup of coffee on your laptop and need those files now? We can pull the hard drive from your dead or old computer, connect it to our equipment to pull the files and give them back to you on a thumb drive or external drive.

Need to come up with a solution to backup your computer at home or your office in real-time to avoid data loss in the future? Fireytech can help! There are many solutions that can fit your need. From Google Drive, Dropbox, iDrive, or even OneDrive, Fireytech can listen to your needs and find the best technology solution for you.

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Technology Concierge Service

Are you a customer whose time represents the most important commodity and you have no desire to take the time to research things, find solutions, or go to the store to pick out and purchase technology equipment? We offer a technology concierge service for current and former executives, professionals, and business owners who just want someone to fix it so they can focus on other things. We will order the technology products you need if we don’t have it in stock or even run to Not best Bye to pick up something if your situation calls for an immediate solution that can’t wait on ship times. Tell Fireytech what you want to be done in the technology world, we’ll obtain it, and we will set it up for you!



Do you need a simple network set up at your home with file sharing between multiple computers? Fireytech can help. Do you need your smart TV connected to your wifi network or a dedicated network cable jack installed at your TV to give it the fastest, most stable connection? Fireytech does networking! We can help you connect your TV apps, a Smart TV, or even streaming devices like Roku’s or Apple TVs.

Do you need a new wireless router at your home or business? We can install, configure, and bring all your devices back online with the new router in no time!


Low Voltage Cabling

Do you need a new network cable to run to your new Smart TV? Did a network jack suddenly stop working? Do you need a new cable drop ran for your home office? Do you need a new data cable ran for that new office printer? Do you need your entire office wiring upgraded from Cat 5 to Cat 6 cable? Do you need new cable runs for the new VOIP phone system you are installing? Fireytech can help! Our skilled wiring technicians have years of experience running cable. We always label jacks with machine printed labels on both ends of the cables, test every run to ensure it is working before we leave, and we perform excellent cable management so the install looks neat. Whether it’s 1 cable or 300, Fireytech can cover all your cabling needs!

Do you need a traditional phone line repaired or a new phone jack installed at your home or business? We can run any traditional phone wiring or cabling for any VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol phone system.

Do you need a business phone system that won’t break the bank? Fireytech can provide you with an excellent cost-effective business phone system with Verizon One Talk. Fireytech can help with your technology needs!


Refurbished Computer Sales and Refurbished Laptop Sales

Do you need an excellent quality refurbished computer or laptop for your home or business? Fireytech chooses only the best quality computers to refurbish and sell. Due to our high standards, we do not always have computers on hand. The computers we offer for sale have gone through our 20 point inspection and been verified to work with excellence so when you turn it on, the computer is ready to use! We prefer Dell’s brand desktops and laptops.


New Computer Parts

Fireytech keeps the following computer parts on hand:

  • Memory (Ram)
  • 3.5 Inch SATA Hard Drives
  • 2.5 Inch SATA Hard Drives
  • 2.5 Inch SSD Drives
  • Wired Keyboards
  • Wired Mice
  • CPU Fans
  • Case Fans
  • Internal Computer Power Supply’s

The following parts are not kept on hand but are ordered as needed to complete repairs:

  • Laptop Screens
  • Laptop Keyboards
  • CPU’s
  • Motherboards
  • Computer Cases


Computer Accessories Sales

Fireytech keeps the following computer accessories on hand:
Wired mice
Wired keyboards
Wireless mice
Wireless keyboards
USB Cable Extensions
USB Thumb Drives
External Hard Drives
Network Switches
USB Printer Cables
Velcro Strips
VGA Monitor Cables
Display Port Cables
HDMI Cables


Audio-Video Accessories Sales

Do you need a 6 foot HDMI to DVI adapter cable right now? Do you need a 15 foot VGA cable? Do you need an adapter to go from RCA to mini-plug? Fireytech carries many audio video cables and adapters in our local shop for those times when you need that one cable right now!


Networking Supplies Sales

Fireytech carries a large variety of network cabling supplies on hand. It includes items like:
Patch Cables of various colors and lengths
Custom network cables made to length
Network wall plates with 1 to 6 outlets
Wall plate mounting bracket for drywall
Network Keystones (inserts)
Surface mount boxes (1 port and 2 port)
66 blocks
12 port and 24 port patch panels
Patch panel wall mount brackets
Serial Cables
Cisco Console Cables