Do you want to work in a role where you get to see the impact you are having on customers? Then Fireytech may be the place for you. At Fireytech you will be working closely with customers to provide them with the best computer repair experience in Tulsa. We are seeking a detail-oriented person with an ear for understanding what customers are saying in their own words and how to translate that into positive customer experiences and thorough repairs.

If you would like to join our amazing computer repair shop team here in Tulsa, please click the link below of the available position in which you are interested and fill out an application using the link at the bottom of the job posting


Open Positions:

Experienced Shop Tech


Work Environment

Fireytech expects all technicians to treat fellow employees and customers with the utmost respect and have positive attitudes that bring positive energy into the office or customer location. We love to have fun in respectful ways! Anyone matching the skillset for the position is welcome to apply. Fireytech is an equal opportunity employer.


Thorough IT Solutions

We passionately believe in being thorough with customer computer repairs. The last thing we want is for a computer to be sent home with a customer only to be brought back with a silly oversight. We want true IT professionals who will identify the source of the problem experienced by the customer.

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Then after identifying the computer problem and resolving it, we expect our excellent computer repair technicians to test and test and re-test to verify multiple times that the issue is truly resolved and hasn’t been mistakenly identified. Fireytech also wants their computer techs to look deeper into the PC to see if there was a reason the problem occurred or if there is anything else that can be done by offering relevant computer upgrades to speed up the computer and improve the overall customer experience.

As a great computer technician, Fireytech expects you to be able to take on a problem from multiple angles to narrow down the true nature of the problem. For example, you should know how to isolate components and use various methods to narrow down whether the computer issue you’re facing is a hardware-based computer problem or a computer software-based problem.


What type of person do we want on our team?

Character over certifications: We will hire for character and train for the skill. We are not going to have a highly skilled toxic person in our organization. We will take the level headed positive person with less skill and teach them to be amazing computer techs. Fireytech will invest in high-quality people. You’ll have the opportunity to cross-train in several different categories of tech while working with Fireytech.

Ethical: Having a strong internal sense of what is right and wrong and being able to act in a way that supports that belief structure is critical to working with Fireytech. We handle sensitive client data and our technicians must be of the highest ethical standing so our customer’s data will be 100% safe while in our custody.

Goal-Driven: We want you to leave Fireytech someday. Seriously, we hope that we are a wonderful step along the journey of your life and that we add value to that journey and that you add value to our company while you are with us. We want to hire individuals who have goals beyond just working as a computer tech at a computer repair shop. We look forward to hearing what your dreams and goals are and how we can help you take steps to achieve them while you provide the best on-site computer repairs in Tulsa!
Teachable: Fireytech wants teachable technicians. As previously mentioned we do much more in the technology industry than just the best computer repair shop in Tulsa. We want individuals who are willing and able to learn new concepts, problem solve on their own, and ready to improve their skills in all areas of their lives.

The Fireytech Mission Statement:

To provide the best customer experience and repair resolution in the computer repair industry so we can support Christian ministries and missions.


Final Thoughts

Fireytech computer repair of Tulsa is the highest rated computer repair shop in Tulsa. Our customers typically find that our computer repair technicians exceeded their expectations. One of the biggest signs of Fireytech’s pursuit of excellence is how many repeat customers we have over the years that come to us any time there is a new issue.

Fireytech is a solution-driven computer repair shop. We pride ourselves on simplifying the complex tech world. Customers don’t have time to learn all the latest greatest aspects of the tech world so they rely on us to get them out of the situations they find themselves in and get their computers back up and running as quickly and affordably as possible.

The perfect technician for Fireytech would be someone who genuinely cares about people, gets personally vested in their problem, and works on a computer problem diligently until they find the solution. There are times that there simply isn’t a good solution. It’s important to be able to speak with a customer and respectfully say, there really isn’t an economical way to repair your computer. It’s time to look at making plans to replace it and pull your personal files off the old hard drive and migrating them to a new or refurbished computer.

Bottom line? What kind of computer technician do we want at Fireytech computer repair of Tulsa? We want the kind of IT Support technician that can garner this kind of praise from customers: “We got same day service when our 16 computers started wacking out with some pics having internet and losing it and others never get it. Kory with Fireytech showed up, found the problem, and fixed it in less than an hour! PLUS he gave us suggestions on how to avoid the crazy problem to start with. Glad we re-discovered Fireytech who we had used several times in the past. We canceled our $120 Geek appointment and saved a bunch of $$$ and so glad we DID! I kinda wanted to keep FireyTech as a company secret but every company deserves to have a job done right and still be able to feed their family.” Gleda

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