Day One Video:
Hi this is Michael with Fireytech computer repair Tulsa.  Today we have a little bit of an odd situation with a broken laptop hinge so I thought it might be interesting to video this to see if it works and if it does this might help you guys out. So we’ve got a top plate for a laptop…metallic…and the broken laptop hinge was originally attached by some sort of adhesive. It pulled loose and in the process, it actually broke the LCD screen. So what we are going to try to do in this case is, I’m going to use some JB Weld, a two part epoxy, and see if we can reattach this hinge and it be secure. Until it dries and we test it we won’t know if it works. I thought it might be interesting to try this fix.  I’m going to show you how this is going to work.  If you’ve ever used JB Weld you’re probably going to laugh at this but if you haven’t seen this it might be helpful for you. It’s basically a two part process.  The epoxy doesn’t work until it has been combined together.  I guess you could say it is inert until the two tubes have been mixed together.  We are now mixing the two to make them active.  You can use anything to stir that is disposable like a plastic knife or a tongue depressor.  Mix it until it is grey and both colors are blended.   Now comes the fun.   We’ll see if we can attach this.  You don’t want to put too much on because you don’t want it to spread onto the laptop. It’s stringy like melted mozzarella cheese. Trying to do a thin enough coating so it won’t spread out on the laptop cover.  Now we attach the hinge to the laptop top case and hold pressure on it for a few seconds to make sure it makes good bond.  Then it takes several hours for it to strongly cure.  It will dry pretty quick but to  truly cure I’m going to wait until tomorrow and we’ll do a follow-up and we’ll see how strong it is.  I’m going to test the hinge by moving it, pulling on it to see how well it has attached.  That’s all for now.

Day Two Video:
This is Michael Firey with Fireytech computer repair Tulsa.  In our previous video I was showing you how we were going to attempt to JB Weld a hinge back to a top plate of a laptop.  So, that was 24 hours ago, today we have the top plate.  So, it’s the moment of truth.  We’re going to find out if our laptop hinge repair holds. I’m going to torque on it and we’re going to see how well our JB Weld holds. If you want to look at it  before I mess with it.  Now we see what happens.  Boy, that seems pretty good and solid.  I think we’re good! We’re going to put this laptop back together and see if it holds up to the laptop hinge moving but that certainly…that’s as much torque you’re going to get with the hinge moving so I think we’re in good shape!  A little JB Weld, a little experimentation, and you save a little money from having to buy a whole new top cover for your laptop!  Have a good one!

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