Attention to Detail

At Fireytech computer repair tulsa we make every repair our top priority. Our high quality skilled technicians work in an organized, methodical way to ensure that your computer repair is performed correctly and thoroughly.

Fireytech relies on a checklist of standardized items to ensure we have tried all standard methods when it comes to a successful computer repair tulsa. We always start with the simplest solutions first and work our way to the more complex if needed. All our great computer repair tulsa technicians keep detailed notes on your repair as it progresses through the repair process. This creates seamless quality even if more than one technician works on your pc. Each tech can determine what the previous tech has completed so no duplicate efforts are spent on your computer repair tulsa.

We utilize some of the simplest tools to make sure your pc is in equal or better condition than when you brought it in. One of the methods we employ when working on laptops, is that we use small divided organizer bins to save all the screws removed while disassembling a laptop. This allows us to keep all the screws together and in the order they were removed so we can make sure the correct screws are in the correct spots of your laptop.

Another thing we do when we open a computer or laptop in our excellent computer repair tulsa shop is, that we blow the dust out of every machine. We focus on the power supply fans, the cpu fans, and any video card fans. These are notorious for building up dust and that dust buildup can cause overheating of your components. Overheating can cause speed and performance issues or even component failure. Fireytech is always working to address the issues you have when we perform the best computer repair tulsa service but we also think ahead and work to provide preventative maintenance as well as upgrade options to maximize the performance of your pc.

Every computer repaired at our computer repair shop tulsa location is given a thorough verification after repair completion to ensure that the repairs have been completed properly and to make sure there are no other issues. One of these key methods is to perform a burn-in stress test. This pushes the pc harder than what you would in normal every day use. If the computer can handle the stress test without failing or freezing then we know it is ready for your real world. Fireytech computer repair tulsa aims to ensure that when a pc repair tulsa is complete, that you won’t be bringing it back for the same issue.

Another key success item we implement at Fireytech computer repair tulsa is to keep a database of your repair records so that we know what was performed in the past and any specifics to your situation. We try to make sure that any tech that we have work on your pc system knows your history and uses the past knowledge and experiences to make your current computer repair tulsa experience a ringing success. We are the best computer repair shop tulsa for a reason. We care about you as an individual and want to know that you are satisfied with our pc service. Whether it is a Dell computer, HP computer, Toshiba Computer, Acer Computer, Lenovo computer, or any other pc brand, we are the experts at repairing it!

With a money back satisfaction guarantee, how can you go wrong? The majority of our customers stay with us for years and bring new pc problems to us as they arise. We are always excited to see a customer that hasn’t been in for a number of years that again needs a high quality computer repair tulsa.

Call us today at 918-258-3473 or use our contact us page to send us an email or even contact us through our Fireytech Facebook page. We are here to help and help with excellence so you have the best computer repair tulsa experience!