Using Google Apps

Google Apps (also called G Suite or Google Cloud)

Google Apps is a service that our company has used for several years to better manage our on-site computer repair tulsa customers.  It is hard to imagine being able to do all the things we do in any other suite of programs for the cost.  For small companies the cost is as low as $5 per user.  In small business you are always trying to get the biggest bang for your buck while presenting a uniform look to your customers.  If you want to make your company work smoothly then having all the features of Google Apps is one way to do that.  It includes tools such as Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Chrome.  The integration between computer and phone is incredible.  If you choose to begin using the Google Apps service please use our referral link so we get credit for your referral:

Google Grid

Ease of Access:  When you are logged into any Google service using a computer web browser you will see a 4 x 4 grid of squares in the top right corner of your browser window.  I call this grid the Google Grid.  Clicking the Google Grid will give you quick access to all Google apps mentioned in this article and many others.  If we are performing an onsite computer repair for you please just ask and we can show you how easy this is to use.


Google Apps let’s you set up your own website domain to use within the Gmail interface.  You will send and receive emails from your own domain email address ( instead of an address so your customers see your domain and you aren’t shackled by a desktop app like Outlook or your Internet Provider’s clunky webmail app.  This is how Fireytech has it’s email set up to provide excellent interaction with our on-site computer repair tulsa customers.

Sharing: With a desktop program, sharing email with multiple people is cumbersome.  Using Gmail is superior to programs that promise to sync Gmail across users or even IMAP style settings.  With Gmail, you simply have the key people for each address use the same login and all folders, inbox, and sent items are seen by all users.  All changes are updated in real time.

Filters:  You can have filters / rules set up to automatically label emails and place them into folders.  You can also set up forwarding to send emails to different email addresses automatically.  Automation is the key here.  I have over 50 filters set up to keep my inbox clear of clutter and label or forward emails to key people.  I even have filters set to text me when certain urgent messages arrive so I can focus my energy on my satisfied onsite computer repair customers and not on my email.

Google Contacts

Google Contacts gives you a place to store contact information that is shared across your entire company.  Anyone who has access to that user account has access to the contacts saved.  This allows you to quickly access important email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses.  Fireytech uses this feature to keep track of our important on-site computer repair customers.  Even if you have a separate database for clients and vendors having the most important contacts saved in Google Contacts let’s them show up in Gmail when typing addresses.  Additionally the contacts are synced to any phone that has that Google account installed so they can look up numbers quickly and it will show the caller information when there is an incoming call from a number that matches one of your contacts.  This is a nice feature when you have multiple cell phones in your company and don’t want to manually add contacts to every phone.  This helps our Fireytech service personnel have access to all the phone numbers they need when they are helping you with your onsite computer repair service call.  You can also quickly access Google Contacts by clicking the Google Grid.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is so powerful for a company that needs to manage one or multiple calendars.  The admin can set up calendars for the users and control who can see what.  You can color code the calendars so they are quickly distinguished when looking at the entire day.  You can allow the users to view only or to have editing rights.  In our company, we have a calendar for each on-site computer repair tulsa technician where we document their service calls.  This includes a title with basic information, the address of the location of the service call, and the time.  The accounting department can see the techs schedule when running billing to ensure that the tech has submitted paperwork for each job.  The employees can only see the calendars you want them to see.  One of our clients that is a psychology practice uses Google Calendar to manage all their doctors and appointments.  You can have Google Calendar send email reminders or create pop up notices in Google Chrome.  If the user has the Google account on his phone with which the calendar is shared, they will receive reminders on their phone as well.  This ensures that our field techs can focus on doing the best onsite computer repair in Tulsa.

Google Drive

Collaboration: Google Drive is an incredible collaboration and back up tool.  You can put together a set of folders in your Drive folder and share them with specific users.  You have ultimate control over who can see which folders and what rights they have (edit, view only, etc).  This allows you to give access to a folder for your accounting department, your human resources department, and your front line employees that only the specific user can view.  This is a valuable tool that we use for every on-site computer repair tulsa service call to save your work order history for future reference.

Syncing: Google Drive allows you to sync the folders across multiple computers using the Google File Stream service.  The shared folders show up on their computer as standard local folders.  All changes are synced to all users.

Scanning: Drive allows your users to scan documents directly into folders using any normal scanning program installed on their computers.  Even more exciting is that you can scan documents and upload photos from any phone with the Google Drive app installed.  We use this tool for our field technicians to scan receipts or work orders and upload photos from the field.  It allows them to scan documents as PDF files.  Google Drive gives you 15gb of storage for free and you can purchase additional storage for very affordable amounts.

Backup: Since all your Google Drive docs are instantly synced to the cloud your files are automatically being backed up in real time.  One person’s computer crash will no longer cripple your company.  If you do have a computer stolen or a hard drive failure, one of our Fireytech technicians can provide you rapid onsite computer repair help to get your data files restored on a replacement computer or hard drive so you can get back to work.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a great browser when compared to Internet Explorer.  One of the reasons it works so well when you are using Google Apps is that it integrates with all the Google apps seamlessly.  Another feature that we value is shared Favorites / Bookmarks.  Any user logged into the same Google user account will see the same shared Bookmarks.  This is a huge time saver.  In our company, we use the Bookmarks bar and have folders with related favorites organized within each folder.  For example, we have folders for Billing, Clients, Vendors, Google, etc.  This allows us to save bookmarks to all of our clients in the Clients folder, all Bill Pay websites under Billing, and Vendor websites in the Vendors folder.

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