I love when I get to be a mobile computer repair Tulsa hero.  It isn’t often that you get to fix a computer where the stakes are very high for a customer.  This was one of those times.

A mobile computer repair Tulsa customer called me the other day because an employee had quit and refused to turn over the password he set up on a company Gmail account.  This was critical to their business because there were estimates, invoices, and customer correspondence in that email account.  Losing those emails would have cost the customer a great deal financially.  I did some investigating and found that the customer had him set up a personal Gmail email account to use for the business.  This company was smaller and didn’t have their own email domain set up so they just used personal Gmail accounts for all correspondence with their customers.  When I heard that, my heart sank.  I knew the odds of us cracking that password or getting Google to reset it were very low….

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