In the Tulsa area, Cox provides cable modem internet access. Many of our onsite computer repair Tulsa customers use their services and Fireytech believes that they are the best provider in the area for quality of service and speed. Cox did not compensate us for this article fyi. However, if a Cox representative were to read this article and want to compensate us, we would be happy to discuss it of course LOL.

Did you know that Cox cable modems get married? I know, in todays world, people are marrying their chandelier, a pirate ghost, and even themselves! It’s a whole new world out there folks. See some of the weirdest things people have married here:

A Cox cable modem marriage is a bit different. When a Cox cable modem is powered on for the first time, it’s like a desperate single person marrying the first eligible person to give them a “yes”. The Cox modem “binds” to the first network device you plug into it. This is called “Mac Binding“. This is all fine and dandy if you plug the modem into your computer and that’s all you ever need. You have joined two very happy single devices into a beautiful union. If, however, you try to present any new partner to this network marriage, the Cox modem will reject it, as any good spouse should. That presents a problem for you if you need to add a new device to your network. Many of our Fireytech onsite computer repair Tulsa customers have had issues with this so we thought we would do some splainin’.

Let’s say you decide you don’t want just one computer connected to your modem and you want to set up a small home network yourself instead of hiring an onsite computer repair tech Tulsa. You run out to the innerwebs and buy a super duper high-end wireless router, you plug it in, connect your desktop computer, your laptop computer, and your networked printer. You find that the internet worked fine before when you had your single computer connected, but now NONE of the devices have internet. What the what?! The marriage between the Cox modem and the desktop computer must end before any new relationship can begin.

Fortunately, you don’t have to file any paperwork at the courthouse to get the Cox modem to stop this network marriage. You just need to disconnect the power cord from the Cox modem and plug in the new wireless router device BEFORE you power up the modem. Then, power up the modem and it will now marry “bind” to the new device until power do they part!

If this little trick doesn’t resolve your internet connection issue and you’ve verified you have good service with Cox to the modem, call Fireytech for a quality onsite computer repair Tulsa tech to come out and get you online. We would love to give you some counseling in your network marriage.