If you need to determine what your license key is for Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office you can!  You want to make sure you haven’t overlooked the Windows sticker on your computer.  Be sure to look on all sides of the machine (and under the battery if you have a laptop).  If you have an existing sticker that is the simplest solution.  There are of course technical methods to search the registry and that isn’t something the average person wants to do.

To find it without digging through your Windows Registry, download and run Magical Jelly Bean Product Key Finder.  It’s so simple and it’s free!  It does state that it will find keys for over 300 programs but I know that it works for Windows and Office.

If you are more technical and want to dig deeper into the subject you can visit these websites:



As with all of these tips and tricks if you can’t locate the information yourself, feel free to contact Fireytech at 918-258-3473 and we can schedule a mobile computer repair Tulsa to help you with your issue.  Our professional techs are always ready to help you with every step of the process from locating the product key, backing up and restoring your data, to re-installing Windows.