Fireytech is excited to offer free pickup and free delivery for depot computer repairs. This is a great value for our customers. By working on your computer at our depot location, your overall cost of repair will be much less.

We are always happy to perform onsite computer repair when you need it “right now” but there are times that a depot repair makes more sense. For Example, when we are doing a large data backup or a new install of Windows, there is a lot of time spent waiting on the computer. When we have your pc in our depot, we only have to charge for the actual time our tech is involved in the repair.

The depot computer repair option is great for those who have more time flexibility.

We do not offer a public drop off location for computer repairs at this time.

Call Fireytech today to schedule your Free Pickup and Delivery for our Depot Computer Repair Service! 918-258-FIRE (3473)