It’s refreshing to have a laptop repair Tulsa go unexpectedly well. Fireytech recently had a customer bring in a Lenovo laptop that wasn’t displaying video. The customer explained that it would show fine on an external monitor so we assumed it was just a bad LCD panel.

Our quality computer repair tulsa technician began troubleshooting and of course, started by verifying what the customer had told us. We confirmed that the Lenovo laptop would not show any video at all on the LCD screen itself. We connected an external computer monitor by HDMI and voila it worked just fine.

We started the prep work to replace the LCD panel. First step was to disassemble the top of the laptop so we could remove the LCD panel to verify the actual panel part number. We do this to be thorough because many times, the same model of laptop can have different LCD panel model numbers so ordering an LCD panel strictly based on the laptop model number is unwise.

We located the panel model and found we could easily order it. We quoted the customer $125 for the panel and $50 for the swap since it was an easier LCD screen to replace and install. After getting the customer approval, we proceeded to reassemble the laptop.

Fireytech always does what is best for our customers and since the end user could use the laptop on an external monitor, they wanted to get it back to use while we were waiting on the parts to arrive. Our amazing computer repair shop Tulsa technician noticed that the LCD connector on the back of the laptop was slightly, and I mean, ever so slightly not fully seated in the connector. What’s crazy is that the LCD connector is taped down from the factory and the likelihood of it moving or coming unplugged, even slightly, was pretty small. Nonetheless, it looked like it could be just enough to make a difference. Fireytech always works to be as thorough as possible, so just to be sure, we peeled the tape, unplugged the LCD connector, and re-connected it. Bam! The screen worked!

The best part was when we could call the customer and tell them they were not going to have to spend $125 on a screen. We already had the customer’s approval to replace the screen and we could have very easily never told the customer. That’s not how Fireytech works. Our computer repair tulsa technicians operate with integrity and we are always going to do what’s in our clients best interest.

Happy customer and fun story to share! If you need a computer repair in Tulsa, you have to come to Fireytech. Quick service, honest business, highest Google ratings in Tulsa for computer repair tulsa. Call us today to schedule at 918-258-FIRE (3473) or simply come by our computer repair shop tulsa at 91st and Sheridan. We’d love to help you!

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