My computer is running slow!!!!  If you have said that then you need to watch this video.  The new NVME and SSD drive technology is the biggest leap forward in years in speeding up your PC.  Drive prices have fallen substantially where you can buy a 1 Terabyte drive at an affordable price.  Fireytech Computer Repair Tulsa can easily clone most existing drives to a new NVME or SSD drive and preserve all your existing programs, data files, settings of your computer.  An SSD drive is roughly 5 times faster than the older style mechanical drive with which most older computers were sold.

Fireytech  can easily clone your existing drive to a new drive and get you up and running faster for internet browsing, Microsoft Office apps, and gaming.  We only charge $50 labor to install the new drive and clone your old drive.  Call us today at 918-258-FIRE or come by our computer repair shop at 9125 S. Sheridan Rd, Suite 110 in Tulsa OK.  Fireytech always provides the highest level of customer service for all our pc repair customers.  If you are looking for a computer repair near me, Fireytech is the place to go!


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