One of our Fireytech customers who performs Fire, Water, and Roofing Restoration called us in a panic. They were having problems with their Quickbooks online account and had called Quickbooks support (or so they thought). They were told that their account data was corrupted and that it was eating itself alive and actively destroying all their records. This would have represented a catastrophic loss of customer data, invoicing, banking, etc. When the customer called the scammer, the scamming company told the customer that they were not signed up for live support and they would have to pay $1200 to get support and get their company file restored. Thankfully the Fireytech customer thought the scammers story sounded fishy so they called the team at Fireytech, the best mobile computer repair service in Tulsa, to come to their rescue. When our professional Tulsa mobile computer repair technician arrived at their business, he began to assess the situation. One of the most important things we do when we troubleshoot a computer issue is to make sure we fully understand what the customer says is happening, when it started, how it started, and what they do to make it repeat. The person using the computer is always the best source knowledge in a troubleshooting investigation.  Many times our experienced Tulsa mobile computer repair service techs will have the customer run the computer themselves to show us what they are doing that makes the computer issue appear. When this customer clicked the link in their web browser to load their Quickbooks online account, our excellent mobile computer repair Tulsa technician saw the problem quickly. Somehow the customer had been tricked into saving a fake Quickbooks online weblink.  This website address took them to a page that was spoofing the real Quickbooks online website. The fake site allowed the customer to “log in” to their account and then used their login to pull real data from the customers actual Quickbooks account and display it, making the site look real. There were warning messages popping up instructing the customer to call support immediately, which they had done before our tech arrived. The number provided, of course, was to the malicious scammer company and not Quickbooks. Our amazing mobile computer repair Tulsa technician was able to show the customer how to correctly access their Quickbooks online account and how to look at the website URL in the web browser address bar to ensure, in the future, that they were indeed at the correct site. Fireytech had the customer immediately change their password to ensure that their account was secure and the customer was able to see all their data safe and sound.  Fortunately, their real data had not been corrupted by the scammer.  The customer could not have been more pleased. This one mobile computer repair Tulsa service call saved our customer literally over $1,000 and needless to say they were ecstatic. It was a thrill for us to be a part of it as well. We love when we can be the hero and help customers achieve great value and avoid scams. If you use online accounts please make sure the web browser shows that the site is secure and always double check that the web address in the address bar matches the real site (see photo above). This scam was one of the more sophisticated we have seen.  It really would have looked believable to an untrained eye.  Any time you feel like something is off with your computer, please feel free to schedule a time for Fireytech to come out and work our magic as the greatest mobile computer repair Tulsa company.  We even offer remote support if it is something that we can do remotely to help.  At Fireytech, you can say we have a “burning” passion to provide the best mobile computer repair Tulsa service in Tulsa.  We would love to help you.  Please fill out our online “contact us” form or feel free to call us at 918-258-FIRE (3473) within business hours to schedule your computer resolution.