Customer Approach


When Michael Firey first started providing computer repairs in 1997, he did so because he observed that most of the tech industry treated you, the customer very disrespectfully.  He saw techs being outright rude to people and insulting their lack of knowledge of technology when they were receiving on-site computer repair services.  This was true in 1997 and sadly, it remains true today.  Michael wanted a computer repair Tulsa company that would provide the best computer repair tulsa.

We hear countless stories of how our new computer repair Tulsa customers came to us after being treated like they were idiots at big box stores and even small local shops.  Fireytech believes that customers should be treated with respect.  Any other service industry would fail if it treated customers like the tech industry.  You would never go to a doctor that treated you like an idiot because you didn’t know how to fix a broken bone, so we are committed to treating you right when you come to us to cure your computer ailment.  We are the best on-site computer repair in Tulsa!

Senior Citizens:

Many of our customers ask us to help their parents with technology or are senior citizens themselves.  We understand that computers, technology, and the internet may be more of a challenge to you and we love to help.  When we perform an onsite computer repair, our technicians understand that we need to be gentle and educational in our approach to help you understand your computer, how it works, and why it isn’t doing what you want.  When we come to your site for a repair, we strive to understand what you are struggling to accomplish on the internet or computer and we try to make the complex as simple as possible.  From making shortcuts to your favorite websites, to installing devices such as wireless mice or printers, we can help make your technology experience easier and more enjoyable.



Many of our customers are professionals and executives who value their time and want things done without having to do everything themselves.  We offer concierge services where we will discuss your needs and take care of the rest.  We will literally go to the big box store for you or order from an online retailer to obtain the technology products you need.  We will then deliver them to your home or office, set everything up, and ensure your office, network, and computers are running as needed so you get the most done.  You focus on what you do and we take care of the technology pieces.  This is the ultimate experience in onsite computer repair in Tulsa.

Fireytech, LLC provides considerate service with integrity in Tulsa and surrounding areas.  If a repair is not in your best interest, we are going to tell you.  If you want something done that we know isn’t the best approach, we are going to tell you what we feel is the most effective way to approach your problem.  When Fireytech travels onsite to repair your computer or network, we provide more than just a repair of what you say is broken.  We look at the entire system to ensure there isn’t something else at the root of the problem. 

We believe in building relationships with our customers.  We maintain a database of all service tickets & notes so that we can look back over the history of your repairs to gain knowledge for current issues.  Our repeat computer repair Tulsa customers are very important to us.

History of the Company

Michael Firey grew up in the Tulsa, OK area and attended college in San Angelo, TX starting in 1994.  He began Fireytech as “Firey Computers” in 1997 Michael performed computer repairs in a garage while he was attending college.  Michael started out his onsite computer repair business with a book on how to repair computers at his side that he still has today for sentimental reasons.  Garage start ups in the early days of tech were the thing to do so we had to try our hand at it too!  After graduating with a Business degree, Michael moved Fireytech to his hometown of Tulsa, OK in 2000 and started doing on-site computer repairs all across north east Oklahoma.  Our team is proud of our 20 plus years in the tech industry and we hope to help you go from frustration to satisfaction while we are at your site repairing your computer or network. 

We provide drop off computer repair, pc repair near me in Tulsa, and on-site computer repairs throughout the Tulsa Metro Area. 

Michael’s business has always been organic, following the changes in the technology industry.  Since Firey Computers was doing much more than just computers and the industry was so broad, the name was changed to Fireytech to be able to embrace technology changes and be positioned for the future.

Fireytech focuses on services like on-site computer repairs, network setup & troubleshooting, telephone wiring, network wiring, television wiring, television mounting & installation, and various other technology services.

Thank you for your support & business!

We love providing you excellent onsite computer repair in Tulsa!
-Michael Firey