If you would like to read some really great information about Fireytech’s high quality Computer Repair Tulsa and many other interesting topics, read our Knowledge Bombs posts by clicking here.  Fireytech keeps the blog updated with the latest information about Fireytech and links to other fun areas of technical interest and how we also provide amazing on-site computer repair in Tulsa.

This part of the Fireytech site, however, is where you go when you need to fall asleep reading boring articles about on-site computer repair Tulsa.  These Fireytech articles are written by a monkey jumping on a manual typewriter and although they have their purpose, your reading enjoyment is not one of the reasons they exist.  I would tell you why Fireytech has on-site computer repair tulsa tips and tricks articles written by kittens running across keyboards but it’s a super-secret secret and I’d have to kill you if I revealed it to you.  One thing I know is that kittens and monkeys can’t repair computers like Fireytech can.  We are the best on-site computer repair Tulsa service in Tulsa computer repair.

We genuinely believe we are the best company you can deal with when it comes to on-site computer repair tulsa.  We value our Fireytech customers, and even though we are there to figure out why your network is down, we care about you.  We know you are stressed that you can’t book appointments or that you can’t run payroll.  Fireytech wants to get your computer system back up and running as quickly as possible so you can go back to doing the things you do best in your business.  Most Fireytech customers love our computer service and call us any time a new issue comes up.  Repeat customers find that we keep a history of your tickets so we can look for patterns in how your network or computer system is running.  Many times Fireytech can discover an underlying issue with your server or computers before it even fails.  Fireytech technicians are expert information technology technicians and know how to listen and look for things that may be happening in your system but may not have actually broken yet.  Fireytech loves to be proactive with our approach to repairing computers.  We would rather discover a problem with your computer workstation before it happens instead of when your entire computer network is down.

We do ask that you don’t resort to violence when your computer monitor won’t turn on or your computer won’t boot up.  I know it’s tempting to do the macarena on your lcd monitor but it’s probably not a cost effective solution.  You should call Fireytech to have us analyze your computer system to see why it isn’t turning on.  There are some things that just can’t be repaired and we will tell you that as well.  Fireytech believes in telling you what the truth is about the technical situation and not sugar coat things or be dishonest and sell you something you don’t need.  Our goal is simple, get you repaired correctly, quickly, and economically.

Fireytech has been in the onsite computer repair tulsa industry since 1997 and in that 21 years (as of this writing) we have always valued our dear customers.  We can help with the big scary things of an entire office being unable to communicate over the network but we can also help with smaller things like helping you optimize how your computer runs.  This can include helping you set up your favorites / bookmarks so that you can quickly access the key websites you need.  It can also mean helping your elderly father better understand how to use the computer in general.  Fireytech provides computer services to all ages. I would say that Fireytech views our customers are friends.  You bring us into your home for on-site computer repair tulsa or into your office for onsite computer repair tulsa and we act like guests.  We value your trust and work very hard to make you feel comfortable with us by sending technicians who are clean, well groomed, respectful, drug tested, and background screened.

At Fireytech, you are in good hands to coin a phrase.  We should trademark that.  I don’t know that might cause too much mayhem lol.  Your computer in our hands will no longer be mayhem and that is the truth.  We will make sure your computer is running smoothly and virus-free when we are done.  We will analyze the ram, hard drive, cpu, and offer upgrade suggestions if there is something that can be done to help increase the performance of your computer.  There are times that technology has changed so quickly that your computer just can’t be upgraded.  We will help you by offering suggestions on used computers from amazon or ebay that will meet your needs at a fair budget price.  If you’re going to buy new Fireytech really encourages customers to buy Dell products.  They are so drop dead simple to use, upgrade, repair, and easier to reload Windows onto.  Many other manufacturers require model specific operating system disks but Dell lets you use any disk on any machine with a matching operating system.  For example, if the computer came with Windows 7, then any Dell windows 7 disk will work.  Any computer that came with Windows 10 can use any Dell Windows 10 disk.  You can usually tell what version of Windows your computer has based on the license sticker (Windows key) that is on your computer case.

Fireytech on-site computer repair tulsa also offers concierge service.  What in the world is concierge service in the technology world?   What that means is that if you are the kind of person whose time is valuable and your time represents generating more revenue for yourself, you want someone else to do the grunt work.  That’s Fireytech.  We are the technology grunts.  We will do the leg work of researching what computer is best for you to buy for your needs or what kind of computer printer you need.  Then, after researching it, we will order it for you from an online retailer or even drive down to the local store that has the computer or printer, pick it up for you, bring it to your location, and install it.  Fireytech will do whatever it takes to make you happy when it comes to onsite computer repair tulsa.  If you made it to the end of this article you win 1,000 mega points.

Fireytech, the absolute best on-site computer repair in Tulsa!  Call us at 918-258-3473 or visit our website at