Aliens Need Computer Repairs Too

Aliens need the best on-site computer repair tulsa too.  If you were to fly billions of miles across the galaxy and drop by for a visit at good old planet earth and land in Tulsa, OK, how would you find the best onsite computer repair company in the universe?  The green skinned beings all agree that they would visit or call 918-258-3473 to reach Fireytech onsite computer repair of Tulsa.  All the other-worldly creature would have to do is to tell us where their saucer had landed and we would schedule them right away to rapidly come to their space-time place of business and venture aboard to perform an on-site computer repair tulsa of whatever computer issues they had.

I’m sure they would have a Microsoft Windows pc even from the expanse of space because they want to be compatible with their ancient earthling offspring.  Now, once Fireytech came to their location and assessed the situation, our techs would get right to work on the problem.  We all know that the, shall we say, “undocumented landing party” would want the quickest onsite computer repair solution to their computer problem.  Fireytech techs would take the time to interpret what exactly the oversized brains were saying and break it down into laymen’s terms to make sure we understood precisely what the issue was.

My guess is that one of the less than professional members of the crew was surfing a site on the GWW (the galaxy wide web) they shouldn’t have been.  I mean, everyone knows, Earth Girls Are Easy right?  One of our excellent Fireytech technicians would get right to work scanning their hard drive to find the virus culprit.  We all know time is of the essence when your business is down so any on-site computer repair needs to be done in a timely manner.  In this case, we would be under pressure to keep the nuclear reactor on the ship from overheating due to the virus running wild in their system.

In addition, the technicians at Fireytech always respect your proprietary data so the robot security clones aboard the ship would have no concern that our on-site computer repair technician would copy the impending colonization plans to take off the ship.  Not that they could aim well enough to shoot us but I digress.  Our Fireytech onsite computer repair techs always operate with integrity and professionalism when addressing any pc repair service call.

The best part of working with the aliens would be, once we located the virus infection and the date of execution, we would just use the convenient time travel system on the ship to travel back in time and slap the 6-fingered webbed paw about to click on that malicious link.  Hopefully the aliens do not use that technology against us without our knowledge to avoid our reasonable rates for onsite computer repair tulsa.

Once we dealt with the virus problem, we would spend some time with the end users on the ship to go over best practices to avoid virus infections in the first place.  At Fireytech, we always like to practice teaching prevention to avoid a catastrophic computer failure in the first place.  You would think with the over-sized alien brain and their telepathic super powers that they would know how to avoid disasters with computer viruses.  It just goes to show we can all make mistakes.  The team at Fireytech would make sure to provide excellent advice on what antivirus programs the visiting extraterrestrial being should implement to avoid this issue in the future.  Our incredible on-site computer repair tech would install the best antivirus software available (I think the current galaxy wide ratings of predator anti virus are the best) and help the end user to purchase the correct subscription with Latinum so that the antivirus software stays up to date with the latest antivirus definitions even from space. We would make sure their firewall was as strong as Vibranium.

Once our onsite computer repair was complete I’m sure the hideous being would then transform into a pleasing form that was much more relaxed and at peace due to our excellent pc repair solution. The best part of the entire repair experience would be all the referrals the alien would provide to Fireytech to all his friends in parallel universes. I imagine they would even update headquarters back in New York at the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel Ventilation Building.

Since it’s inception in 1997, Fireytech has always provided the best in onsite computer repair tulsa.  We plan to be around for a long time so since the aliens are immortal, I’m sure we’ll see a lot of repeat business and we love our repeat customers.  We approach each on-site computer repair customer with the attitude of developing relationship.  We would learn how the aliens run their ship, how they survived their post-apocalyptic world, and then offer ideas of how we can make their computer systems run optimally for their needs.  We may think the shape-shifting beings are Gods but their focus is on their planetary mining operations.  They probably aren’t spending their time learning about the latest in computer technology and how it can help them optimize those mining camps.  Fireytech may discover how using Google Calendar may help the ships scheduling or that Gmail may be better for documenting conversations rather than the old mind-meld method.  Document, document, document as they say.

Our goal would be to provide the aliens with one hundred percent satisfaction with their onsite computer repair tulsa.  We wouldn’t want to start an inter-galactic infinity war.  I’m sure if things got ugly a certain doctor (who might you ask?) could step in and resolve the conflict but I still think satisfaction is the key.  We want to show our worth to the superior aliens that are somehow still running windows 7 so they will not annihilate humans over a silly computer glitch when we could easily avoid extinction with the best on-site computer repair tulsa.

Their weaponry might be advanced but without a working computer they will not be able to defend themselves against the Borg.  The Borg did reach out to us once by the the way but we weren’t able to help them since they couldn’t give us a single point of contact and their system appeared to be heavily organic which is a little out of our league of extraordinary gentlemen technicians who come onsite to repair all sorts of computer problems with a quality onsite computer repair tulsa.