Captain! The network is down!

I know it seems silly but after doing on-site computer repair Tulsa for over 20 years I still get excited when I fix a computer or network issue that is puzzling.  One of these times a small company asked me to look at their network which had just went down.  They were somewhat tech savvy and had performed most of the standard troubleshooting to attempt to resolve the issue.  They had contacted their internet provider who had verified the internet circuit was good to the building.  They had logged into the router and checked the settings and everything looked right.  They could get internet if they connected a laptop directly to the modem or router but if they connected their switches the internet would go down.

I came to their business to try to work my magic.  As with any repair, I always go back to the basics first.  Even though they told me some of the things they had done I went through and verified that the router was set up and I could browse with my laptop as well when I was the only device connected to their router.  Everything looked good so I connected their switches that fed the building and down went the internet.  The biggest challenge was that this business leased out offices to multiple small businesses so this was affecting thirty businesses all at once and not just one.  The pressure was on and I started digging deeper.  My excellent on-site computer repair Tulsa juices were flowing.  It was time to find a solution! 

When I reviewed their network topology (how the network was connected and what devices were installed), I found that their building was divided into east and west sections.  I found when we connected the west switch the internet would stay up but as soon as I connected the switch that fed the east part of the building, the internet would go down within seconds.  Finally, I had some progress and clues!  I had at least narrowed it down to a section of the building and now we at least had half the businesses back up and running on the internet.  I asked the landlord if anyone had made any changes recently that they were aware of or if anyone might have a virus.  Not all of the businesses were present so tracking down even just half of the building would have been a challenge.  The landlord finally remembered that one tenant had moved and the timing seemed to correlate to the network problem.

All the tenants of the building had a wired jack provided by the landlord which they could use for a monthly fee.  A new tenant had moved in and connected their router to that jack.  We obtained permission to access their suite.  I examined the router and how it was connected and found that they had plugged in the wrong port to the wall jack and had created a loop in the network which took the entire system down.  I reconnected their router correctly and went back to the network closet.  We reconnected the building’s east side switch and the network stayed up! 

Being a great on-site computer repair Tulsa tech is half being detective on top of the technical skills.  I always ask customers what happened just prior to the computer malfunctioning or the network going down.  In the majority of cases the information I gather from those conversations leads the way to the solution.  Many times, customers won’t even realize the relevance of what happened, but my experienced on-site computer repair Tulsa mind will pick up on these little clues to lead the way to a happy technology resolution.

Do you have a computer or network problem that has left you scratching your head?  Call Fireytech today.  I can’t tell you how many times people have told us they have spent hours trying to resolve an issue and we fix it in an hour.  We never want to make people feel bad and it’s awkward sometimes when you fix a on-site computer repair Tulsa issue that quickly.  I always let my valued customers know, this is our specialty.  We wouldn’t have a clue how to fix a transmission, cut hair, or do your taxes.  You are good at what you do and we are good at what we do: on-site computer repair Tulsa!

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