Cutting the Cord

Cutting the cord is all the rage these days and it is an overused buzzword.  What does it mean?  Cutting the Cord is used to describe people who have decided to cancel their cable or satellite television service and to begin using streaming services instead.  Some choose to stream for cost savings and some do it for the ultimate in flexibility.

Have you been toying with the idea of becoming a cord-cutter but have no idea how to actually pull it off in reality?  Did you know a computer technician from Fireytech on-site computer repair Tulsa can help you with cutting the cord?  Fireytech computer technicians can go beyond telling you how to do it and actually come out to your home and set it up for you from start to finish.

This article is designed to be a summary introduction for those who want to start the learning process.  If you are ready to begin the process call Fireytech and speak to one of our skilled on-site computer repair Tulsa techs for specifics for your needs and situation.

What do I need?

  • Internet Connection
  • Device to stream the content
  • Device to watch the content
  • Streaming Service

Internet Connection

Your internet provider is the backbone of your internet and of course your streaming service.  Many cable television providers are now providing internet service since they have seen the writing on the wall and know that traditional television service is beginning to give way to streamed content.  Many television / cable internet providers are desperately trying to hold onto their television customers so they may offer a very attractive bundle for internet and television service that you should consider.  You may be able to get their lowest tier for television and then stream the remainder of what you want through the popular streaming services that exist.  Click here for a list of the best current streaming services.

Internet providers (ISP’s) are going to push you to pay for the fastest speeds possible but what speed do you really need? Click here to determine what speed you need. Do you really need the huge download package with the big price tag?  It all depends on how many devices will be streaming simultaneously.  We have seen customers with 10mb DSL streaming a TV and tablet at the same time with minimal buffering.  As a general rule, I would recommend 10mb per simultaneous devices used.  So if you think you will have a max of 2 devices streaming at any one time, then I would get at least 20mb download speed.  If the price difference between 20mb to 50mb is negligible then more is always better but if you have one or two devices you don’t need to pay a premium for a 100mb download speed unless you just want to get a warm fuzzy feeling from watching your computer download files in the blink of an eye.

Streaming Devices

You’ll need a device on which to watch your cord-less content.  Click here for a list of the best streaming devices as of now. That can be a Television (smart tv or not), a laptop, a computer, a tablet, or even your phone.  If you have a Television that isn’t a “smart TV”, you’ll need a device that will stream the content and display it on the television.  Once you decide and purchase your device, we can have a quality on-site computer repair Tulsa tech from Fireytech come out and install and set up your streaming box.

Why would you want a streaming box if you already have a smart tv?  Smart tv’s internal software may not be updated as rapidly as a streaming box and you may not to be able to get new emerging content providers as quickly or even ever.  The content providers tend to make applications for the streaming boxes first so they can get their channel watched.   if you are using your tablet, phone, or computer, you’ll be able to log into any streaming service without needing a streaming box.

Streaming Services

You’ll quickly find a dizzying array of streaming services.  There are the old guard services of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon and now many new entrants into the steaming space like Sling, YouTube TV, CBS All Access, and now Disney’s new streaming service.  There are some services that are just binge-watching style and some that are designed to be replacements for cable / satellite services which provide live tv and DVR.

Best streaming servies according to CNET

Best streaming services according to Clark Howard

If you get an internet/cable tv bundle or cable-replacement Live TV streaming service, then you will get local channels included in the service.  If you want to cut the cord a little deeper and just have binge-style services, you can get local channels over the air by using a High Definition over the air antenna (OTA).  Keep in mind that all local broadcasters were forced to broadcast in HD digital a few years ago so an older antenna won’t work.  Our experienced Fireytech on-site computer repair tulsa technicians can help you choose, purchase, and install your over the air antenna.  Fireytech can even run the coax cable you would need to carry the antenna signal to your television.


One of the big things people enjoy is the ability to DVR their favorite shows.  Some of the live-tv style streaming services include varying levels of DVR service.  If you use an over the air antenna you can still enjoy being able to DVR any show you can receive over the antenna.  There are some DVR boxes you can buy that are dedicated to OTA antennas but you can also set up a computer to accomplish the same process.  Using a computer as a DVR can offer you other advantages as well.  You’ll be able to store the DVR files and download content and save it to the hard drive and use the computer as a media hub for your home network for downloaded music, movies, family photos, etc.  You can even use the computer as a server and use it’s hard drive space for backup from other networked computers.  Fireytech on-site computer repair tulsa techs love to tinker so we would be happy to help you set up a media hub computer or even set up the DVR capability.  You’ll need a TV tuner card, the computer, an over the air antenna, and a large hard drive to make this work. 

I know all of this can become complex.  That’s why you should call the best on-site computer repair Tulsa company, Fireytech, and we can give walk you through the entire process and come out to your home to help you get everything up and running and be one of the cool kids on the block.  Call 918-258-FIRE today!  We are always ready to help.