Fireytech Makes the Complex Simple

Making complex computer repair Tulsa simple

Fireytech prides itself in making the complex simple for our valued onsite computer repair Tulsa customers.  We find that, many times, our customers get frustrated by the complexity of setting up their home network.  Our customers will be frustrated with the question, “How do I connect my modem to my router and get all my devices online and working?”.  That’s where Fireytech computer repair technicians shine. 

Just recently we had an onsite computer repair Tulsa customer who had a Cox modem, a Vonage telephone device, a wireless router, a Roku streaming device, and a few computers in their home.  Cox was unwilling to help because their responsibility stopped with the Cox modem.  The computer repair customer could get their computer to work when it was connected directly to the Cox modem but they could not get their computer or Vonage phone device to work when connected to their wireless router.  The customer called us and cried, “HELP!”.  The Fireytech computer repair Tulsa customer had spent hours themselves trying to get their network up and running.  They also had another computer repair company Tulsa attempt to get their network devices configured and had failed after hours of attempts.  We went out and our competent computer repair technician was able to get all the network devices online in less than an hour. 

Our expertise in the technology industry makes it easy for Fireytech to get computers, internet modems, and additional devices up and running on your home network quickly because we understand how all your networked devices need to talk to each other. 

Another thing that Fireytech trained computer repair techs Tulsa do when we are performing repairs is to observe the overall network setup and security configuration.  Computer repair technicians Tulsa at Fireytech want to ensure that the immediate problem is resolved but also look to prevent future computer repair Tulsa problems.  We noticed, during the network troubleshooting Tulsa, that their wireless network did not have wireless security enabled which would have allowed anyone in range of their wireless network to connect and potentially act in nefarious ways or, at the very least, steal their internet.  Our professional Fireytech computer repair technician Tulsa was able to set up a strong wireless password and test that all her wireless network devices like her phones and tablets would connect to it.  Fireytech was also able to look at the router to see what devices were currently connected to ensure that no unauthorized person was on their network.  In this case, we were able to see that the network had an Amazon Fire Tablet, a Samsung Galaxy phone, a Windows Phone, and a laptop computer connected.  The wonderful Fireytech onsite computer repair Tulsa customer was able to verify that all the devices we were seeing on the wireless network were authorized devices.  Our experienced Fireytech technician was also able to set up their Vonage phone device and ensure that they had dial tone for two different phones at two different locations in their home. 

The real reward for us came when we were able to show the onsite computer repair Tulsa customer everything was up and running in just under an hour.  She was ecstatic and that is what brings us real joy.  We love seeing our onsite computer repair Tulsa customers relief when all her network and computer devices work as they should.  We were able to show her how each network device connected together in the network and explained the principles in laymans terms so that she would understand.  Our Fireytech computer repair technician also took photos and made notes to save in the customers file so we could help her in the future more easily if a new network problem arose.

If you need quality onsite computer repair in Tulsa, please don’t hesitate to call the professional team at Fireytech.  Our technicians are all background checked, wear shirts with logos, are clean, and polite.  We love helping making the complex simple for you so call today!