Gas Station Network Install

At Fireytech we love doing great computer repair tulsa tickets and, in addition to pc repair tulsa, we also install low voltage cabling and install network equipment. We have a customer in Tonkawa that had us set up their new gas station and have helped them a few times over the years.

While the gas station was being built, this customer had us come out to pre-wire his entire building. This was quite an interesting job. He had the main gas station and two restaurants in the same building. The restaurants would share the same network but required their own phone lines. We ran network cable to all required network drop locations and phone locations which included registers, televisions, phones, and an ATM. Even though we are great computer repair tulsa techs we are also more than happy to get our hands dirty and pull cable through ceilings and walls.

Once the cables were ran to the network closet we divided them into a group of network cables and terminated them to a network rack and the other group of cables we terminated to 66 blocks for phone. We tested each individual cable to ensure they were good and we also labeled each cable and jack on both ends to ensure they could easily be identified in the future. The detail oriented nature of computer repair tulsa work fits well with our network cabling tulsa techs. As a rule, we always leave a length of extra cable in the ceiling called a service loop to ensure that there is some extra cable to be able to re-terminate a bad connection or move a cable to a different port on the patch panel. Once our quality computer repair tulsa techs are done with the terminations we velcro all cables into neat and tidy bundles to make sure everything looks good.

After the install was complete the customer decided they wanted to move the network rack to a new location and decided to do it themselves. They actually managed to get everything back up and running except the ATM. We sent one of our professional computer repair tulsa techs out to troubleshoot the issue. Sure enough, we ran a test on the cable going to the ATM and it failed showing missing pairs. Our tech re-terminated each end of the cable and still received a failing test. We replaced the jack on the ATM side and that didn’t help. One thing for sure, our diligent computer repair tulsa techs don’t give up easily. The tech deemed the cable had a break in it and began separating it from the service loop we had left. Then we discovered the problem. When the customer had moved the rack and cabling, a few of the cables were drug across a sharp piece of metal and the ATM cable was damaged badly enough to actually penetrate the outer cable jacket and cut the internal pair. Fortunately, our wise computer repair tulsa tech had left a service loop so they were able to uncoil that ATM cable and cut the damaged portion out, re-terminate it, and get the ATM back up and running without having to run a new cable.

A few years later the customer decided to switch from ATT POTS service to their new ATT VOIP service. The customer scheduled the port with ATT and had us come out to assist with the cut over. That’s the beautiful thing about our broadly experienced computer repair tulsa techs. They don’t just know pc’s. They know networking, cabling, and so much more. Our tech went to site and worked with the AT&T conference bridge to bring the phone numbers over to the new system and reconfigure the 66 blocks to connect to the new equipment and carry the same numbers to the same locations in the building as they had been before.

If you need a computer repair near me tulsa, a new data jack added, a new phone jack added, or even an entire network cabling job done, the versatile computer repair tulsa techs at Fireytech can help you with it all. We pride ourselves on thorough and clean work. We take the time to make sure, whatever type of work we are doing, that you are satisfied with the results. Give us a call today and see what all the glowing Google reviews are about. They are written by real customers who have really used our services. They know how amazing our computer repair tulsa shop and on-site computer repair services are.

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