Buy More Dells!

When we are performing an awesome onsite computer repair Tulsa service call, Fireytech Customers ask us all the time, what brand of computer should I buy?  When I answer this question, I’m looking at it from the perspective of a computer repair Tulsa technician.  When I look at running a on-site computer repair Tulsa, I ask, What brand of computer is going to be the easiest and most affordable to repair?  We all want our computers to last forever, but all computers will fail at some point.  Electronics and technology are not full proof products.  In my 20 years of pc repair Tulsa experience, Dell computers are the easiest pc’s to repair for many reasons.


One of the biggest issues you run into with name brand computers like Hewlett Packard (HP), Lenovo, Toshiba, Emachines, etc. when you are performing a on-site computer repair Tulsa, you find that many computer manufacturers have proprietary hardware.  What that means is that the computer has parts in it that are only made by that computer brand and therefore, you have to replace the bad part with one made specifically for that manufacturer and many times it’s even specific to the model number of the pc.  This leads to higher cost and lower availability.  You want to deal with the brand that gives you the most universal options for repair.  This makes your life easier! 

I have found that Dell computers are very good about using standard sized cases and parts that are much more readily available to purchase.  Any time I need to repair Dell PC’s on a on-site computer repair Tulsa service call, I know that I can get parts with relative ease.  In most situations, you can fit even generic parts into their cases.  That means you don’t always have to rely on Dell OEM parts.  The vast market on ebay allows you to find exact matches for your bad hardware with very little hassle.  We all love keeping hassle out of our lives!


With most other brands, I have found when you need to reload / reinstall Microsoft Windows on a on-site computer repair Tulsa visit, you are going to have to buy a set of recovery disks that are only valid for that specific model of pc.  There are almost no manufacturers that ship recovery disks with their computers in todays world so when I go to a site for a on-site computer repair, it is impossible to repair the pc in one visit due to the fact that recovery disks are not present and have to be ordered and shipped.  Since every single model of the main big brands has a different set of recovery disks, it’s never something you’ll be able to find locally to run out and buy.  The big name computer manufacturers do give the end user the ability to burn off their recovery disks but the vast majority of customers never do it and then when they have a hard drive crash, it’s too late.  Most computer users never even think about this issue beforehand.  In my opinion the manufacturers are making an assumption about their customers that puts them at a disadvantage from the beginning.  The idea that the majority of customers who struggle to understand how to use a computer are going to understand the quirks of finding the option to burn their recovery disks and understand how to actually do it is silly to me.

Dell computers, on the other hand, usually ship with recovery media.  That one fact in itself is a big selling point but not the biggest.  As we all know, most of us are not organized and disks have a way of finding the same hiding places as the other sock from the dryer.  This is where Dell computers really stand out.  Anytime I am on an onsite computer repair Tulsa call, I have a disk organizer I carry with Dell operating systems going back several versions.  Dell is unique in that they allow you to use ANY Dell disk on ANY Dell machine as long as the Microsoft Windows version matches what was on the computer previously.  So if your Dell computer came with Windows 10, any Dell Windows 10 disk will reinstall and activate properly on your computer.  This is huge!  That means that if you can’t find your software, I have the disk with me and we are able to get your operating system back up and running in the same on-site pc repair Tulsa visit.  That saves time and money from you paying us for our great on-site computer repair Tulsa trip and saves you the hassle of additional downtime.  To me, this one fact makes Dell the undisputed choice for computer purchases.  Even if another manufacturer were slightly cheaper you would pay more in the event of a repair.  The long term value of Dell Windows software is huge!

Dell computers have been really good for a really long time.  At Fireytech we buy refurbished Dell Laptops for our onsite computer repair Tulsa technicians and refurbished Dell desktops for our office personnel who manage our professional on-site computer repair Tulsa techs.  On occasion we even sell refurbished Dell computers that we have obtained or upgraded.  The quality of Dell machines is rock solid and the benefits listed above make it a no-brainer.

So when it comes to the humble opinion of this onsite computer repair Tulsa technician, I say buy Dell products.  I don’t even make a commission on this article but maybe I need to talk to someone about that.  I’m giving this advice away for free to help my amazing Fireytech onsite computer repair Tulsa customers.

Having said all that, we are always happy to help with any pc brand of computer.  We can help you determine what recovery media you need, locate a seller, and buy the software that matches your machine when we are at your home or business on a quality on-site computer repair tulsa service call.

Fireytech hopes that articles like this help our onsite computer repair Tulsa customers and any time you need help, call us at 918-258-FIRE or send us a message from our contact page at  We are here to help.