Rewarding HP Laptop Upgrade

It is always rewarding to perform a great computer upgrade tulsa when we are doing a computer repair tulsa service for a Fireytech customer.  We had a customer bring in a laptop that wasn’t loading Windows as it should.

We started our quality computer repair tulsa service by checking the laptop.  It had Microsoft Windows 10 Home.  When you would try to boot the computer it would not allow you to log into Windows or would freeze after logging in.

We pulled the hard drive and placed it in our tech bench computer so we could run a series of tests.  The hard drive test program showed that the hard drive was bad and had many bad sectors on it.  It was a 1 terabyte hard drive.  The next step in our professional computer repair tulsa repair step was to attempt to pull the customer’s data from the bad drive.  We use a program called “Unstoppable Copier“.  It began copying and we set it to ignore corrupt files so it would not stop during the copy process.  The exciting news was that we were able to backup the majority of the customer’s files.  There were some data files that were corrupt but overall it was a success.

Next we discussed the customer’s laptop upgrade options and what would be needed to get her pc back up and running with the best computer repair tulsa.  She had a 1 terabyte hard drive so we quoted her a 1 terabyte SATA drive and also quoted her a nice Samsung 1 terabyte SSD (Solid State) hard drive.  The SSD drive was more expensive but had a longer manufacturer warranty and would run her Microsoft Windows and other computer programs much faster than the standard SATA hard drive.  She approved the SSD drive and we installed it.

She also wanted to upgrade the RAM in her laptop.  We looked up her computer on and found that her HP laptop allowed a total of 16 gigabytes of memory to be installed.  Her HP laptop already had 12 gigabytes.  In this case, I told her that I wasn’t sure that upgrading her ram with this excellent computer repair tulsa event was the best value.  I didn’t feel like the increase in memory would make a significant performance increase for the laptop.  The customer elaborated to me that her daughter plays a great deal of games with the laptop and wanted to get the most performance from the laptop that was possible so she agreed to upgrading the ram from 12 gigabytes to 16 gigabytes.

For this HP laptop, we pulled the bottom plate to remove the old hard drive so we had the machine open already for the new parts install.  We installed the new Samsung 1 terabyte SSD hard drive.  Then, we removed a 4 gigabyte stick of ram and replaced it with an 8 gigabyte stick to max out the laptop at 16 gigabytes.  Now that these parts were installed it was time to move to the final step of the best computer repair tulsa service.  We re-installed the laptop bottom cover and began installing Windows 10 Home on the HP Laptop.  The install went super fast on the SSD hard drive and we had Windows up and running in no time.  Following that, we used an external USB hard drive enclosure to move her backed up data back onto her repaired laptop.  Once we pulled the back up data over, we placed all the files in their original locations.  For example, we moved her old desktop files to her new desktop, her old documents, photos, videos to the same respective folders on the repaired HP laptop.  Any time we perform computer repair near me in Tulsa, we make the repair as seamless as possible for the end user.  We understand that our customers are not usually technical so we want to make things as easy as possible for you.

Once we had all the customer data installed, we ran a checklist of items to make sure the HP Laptop was ready to go home.  With every best computer repair tulsa service we provide, we run through a standard checklist of items to make sure we are being thorough with every PC repair tulsa.

We ran all Windows updates and made sure there were no errors.  During this process we had to resolve some errors that popped up so yet again, it’s another reason we do these things in the computer repair tulsa shop before sending the laptop home.  We also checked device manager to make sure that all the hardware devices were installed correctly.  There was one unknown item so we had to take some time to do some Google research and pull files from HP’s website to resolve that.  We tested her audio, video, usb ports, etc. to make sure everything was working before she came to pick up the computer.

The best part of our best computer repair tulsa service was, when we were done, her computer worked amazingly well and blazingly fast.  From pressing the power button to loading Windows 10 log in screen was right around 15 seconds.  After logging in to Windows, her desktop was fully loaded and ready to use in just a few seconds.

When the customer came to pick up her HP laptop from our computer repair shop tulsa, we demonstrated the performance of the laptop and went over all the backup and install details.  We also gave her the old parts and warranty information for the Samsung SSD hard drive.

This was one of those fun laptop repairs tulsa / laptop upgrade tulsa because the customer could really see a substantial difference in performance and was very pleased.  I love seeing the look on customer’s faces when they can genuinely see the difference and appreciate the quality computer repair tulsa services we provide.

If you would like to experience great computer repair tulsa services as discussed in this article, please call Fireytech’s computer repair shop tulsa today.  We can be reached at 918-258-FIRE (3473) or by submitting our contact us form on our Contact page.