Small Business Onsite Computer Repair Tulsa part two

On-Site Computer Repair Services for your small business part two

In part one, we introduced you to several tools that Fireytech uses to make our onsite computer repair tulsa uses to make our business run more efficiently.  These are tools that you too can use to help your small business serve your customers better.

Image Resizer

If you need to send photos through email on your phone you will quickly discover that phones don’t like to send large photos and many times your recipient computer will have size limitations on how large of an email they can receive.  For many of our on-site computer repair tulsa service calls, we take photos to document the quality of the job and have to email them to our clients project manager or business owner.  When you try to send more than just a few photos, they can exceed 20 megabytes quickly.  There are app’s or programs for each platform that will reduce the size of the photos so they easily can be emailed.  This is a must for the best onsite computer repair Tulsa.

Android: Photo & Picture Resizer

Apple: Image Size

Windows computer: Image Resizer


Video Resizer

Video file size is so much larger than still photos so trying to email an unedited video from a phone or a computer is almost impossible.  Sometimes even uploading it to Google Drive can be a challenge.  We use a program on our business computer called Handbrake to reduce a video file size down small enough that it can be emailed.  When video quality isn’t critical this is a very useful app.


Virtual Phone Service

With your small business, you may already have a land line phone number but if you don’t and you are just starting out, you don’t want to build your business around a cell number.  You want to have a number you can keep in the public domain on your website, in advertising, etc that isn’t a cell number.  When you are larger than a one-person business or trying to scale to be a business of multiple employees you need a number that doesn’t rely on your cell phone.  That will require having a land line phone number.  The drawback to having a land line number is that it isn’t portable like a cell phone and they are usually very expensive.  At Fireytech, we have been using internet based phones for years to serve our on-site computer repair tulsa business.  We started out with Vonage and now we are with a company called Grasshopper.


Great basic entry level virtual & physical phone service.  With Vonage you can have a phone physically in an office ringing and still be able to forward it to a cell phone when you are out.  You’ll also be able to have a voicemail that is business and professional instead of having to make sure your cell phones voicemail is always professional.   Vonage requires an internet connection and a vonage modem wherever you want to have a real physical phone.  Since Fireytech was providing amazing on-site computer repair tulsa we felt like we needed to find a more portable telephone solution for our computer service company Tulsa.


Virtual service with more advanced features.  Fireytech switched to Grasshopper because we are an onsite computer repair tulsa company so we didn’t have a need for a physical phone.  Grasshopper is superior to the basic Vonage service because it allowed us to set a custom schedule so the phone only rings during business hours and it automatically goes to voicemail after those hours.  The other feature of Grasshopper that we love is having extensions.  Each employee can have an extension so that when your main greeting is heard it can direct the customer to dispatch, to accounting, to sales, etc and then the call is transferred to the respective employee.  The beauty of this is that the customer isn’t getting all these different cell phone numbers that may not always exist and your company sounds like a very large professional multi-department organization.  Grasshopper also gives you the ability to call from your cell phone using their app so the customer sees your companies caller id instead of your cell phone.  You can even text customers from the app so they don’t have your personal cell number.

Vehicle Tracking

Another important feature when you are a company with service vehicles like Fireytech, you want to know where your employees are when they are running on-site computer repair tulsa calls.  Most vehicle tracking services allow you to create fences where you will get notices if the employee travels out of a certain area.  They will send you alerts for speeds that exceed what you have set.  They will notify you of the vehicle performance and engine codes.  It’s so nice to be able to pull up an app when a tech doesn’t answer his phone and you can see that he’s in traffic 5 minutes from a customer location so you can update your customer to say, your professional onsite computer repair tulsa tech is almost to your site.

Online Database

I know I spoke about Google Sheets being great to collaborate with your team but there are times a spreadsheet just won’t cut it.  Sharing a spreadsheet via Google Drive is problematic if the data in it changes a lot.  If you’re still using a local pc Excel spreadsheet or MS Access for your database then you are in the technical dark ages.  There are a million online databases now where you can create your own forms and reports and have administrative control over who sees and edits what.  At Fireytech, we currently use Zoho Creator for our online database to keep track of all our onsite computer repair tulsa business.

Zoho Creator:

We have fully built out Zoho Creator to provide our best on-site computer repair tulsa business an easy way to store customer, vendor, equipment, and employee data in one place.  We also developed a page for our onsite computer techs to use to log their vehicle mileage so when tax time comes, we can show all of our mileage without having to manually enter it from paper log sheets.  We also use the database when we are creating computer repair tulsa work orders.  It pulls the customer data from the database and pre-fills the portions of the work order so it reduces our manual data entry for each computer repair service call.

As with all our great ideas, Fireytech is happy to help you implement any of these ideas that are a little too technical for you by performing an onsite computer repair tulsa service call.  You may just not have the time to deal with the learning curve.  Fireytech is always happy to provide the absolute best in technology related services at your home or business.  Give us a call at 918-258-3473 or visit us at today!