Small Business Onsite Computer Repair Tulsa part one

On-site Computer Repair for Small Business part one.

Is your company too small to have a full time IT specialist on staff?  Do you need an amazing on-site computer repair tulsa company that can make your business a priority?  Fireytech provides the best onsite computer repair in tulsa and values our small business customers and makes them a priority.  We believe in building relationship and learning how your business works so we can better advise how to best set up your computer system or computer network.  Fireytech is a small business as well so we know how to maximize how technology works for you.  There are tons of small things you can make technology do for you to make your business run smoother.  From the bare essentials of having backups running so you know your business data is safe to how your files are shared across your network to ensure everyone in your company can access and edit the same data, Fireytech is there for you.  We can be your strategic partner to teach you new ideas about technology and how to best make it work for you.

Here are some items that we use every day in our business as we perform computer repair service calls that you could incorporate into your daily operations.

Dual monitors

When we are scheduling an excellent onsite computer repair tulsa, we have two monitors running.  This allows us to have our Google Calendar open on one screen to see available onsite times and we have our customer database open on the other screen.  We can freely drag windows back and forth from one monitor to the other for the ultimate flexibility.  This makes scheduling your on-site computer repair much easier.

Google Products

Google is providing so much for free these days that it’s insane all that you can do if you incorporate it into your business as we have in our superb onsite computer repair tulsa business.  We use Google Calendar for scheduling of employee events and customer appointments.  We can share different calendars with different employees which gives us ultimate control over who can see what and avoids clutter.  Fireytech also uses the location portion of Google Calendar with Google Maps so our techs just have to click the appointment on their phone to load the map to navigate to your business for your excellent on-site computer repair tulsa.

We use Gmail with our own domain name for email so that it can be accessed anywhere and instantly synced in all locations.  Gmail lets us present our company domain email to our customers instead of using a generic Gmail account.  This allows us to send emails from or, etc. so we are presenting a highly professional and consistent public image.  Gmail also allows you to set up very detailed filters to route your emails to folders or even forward them to other email addresses.  The level of automation you can set up with Gmail is bar none.  For example, when a new lead comes in from our website, Gmail filters it based on the subject, puts it into a folder, and sends a notification via text to our dispatcher phone.  This ensures that Fireytech is being as responsive as possible to your onsite computer repair tulsa request.

Google Drive for data backups and file sharing.  We use Google Drive to store all of our company files.  Google has a program called file stream that instantly syncs the files with Google Drive so that all users can see the changes.  You have the ultimate control here as well.  You can share specific folders with specific people so that only the people who need to see the data can do so.  We also use Google Drive on all our employee phones since we are in the field running onsite computer repair tulsa calls.  This allows us to have access to templates, information sheets, and technical reference information out in the field.

Another feature of Google Drive that we use out in the field when we are doing onsite computer repair tulsa calls is to use the scan and upload feature of Drive.  We can take a paper document, scan it with Google Drive, Drive will convert it to PDF, and upload to our shared company folder.  Our techs also use Drive to upload Fireytech repair photos to the shared drive.

Google Contacts is a great way to share contacts across your entire organization.  You can set up a Google account that is exclusively for sharing contacts.  Any contacts you add from a pc or from a phone with that account will be shared with all employees who have that account installed on their phone.  This saves so much time so you don’t have to make sure that you individually add contacts on each employees phone or trust them to do it.  These contacts are also accessible and integrated with Gmail.  We use these contacts all the time to keep up with our on-site computer repair customers.

Google docs and Google sheets programs are a great way to work on the same document with multiple people in multiple locations with everyone having access to the same file.  This allows you to have a shared spreadsheet that everyone can read or edit.  Of course you control which users can edit and which ones can only read it.

Google Chrome:  Fireytech uses the Google Chrome web browser exclusively.  Chrome has a built in sync feature that will sync your bookmarks on any computer anywhere in the world when you sign into Chrome with the same username.  This is very nice when you have common favorites / bookmarks that your employees need to be using and you don’t want to have to manually set them up on every employee’s computer.  Chrome can even sync and save website logins.  It’s a great tool and the fastest browser in our opinion.

Google has even more but these are the core apps that Fireytech uses to run our entire on-site computer repair tulsa operation.

Fireytech is always happy to come to your home or business and help you begin to incorporate some of these technology ideas into your business with our on-site computer repair services.  Give us a call at 918-258-3473, or visit our website at