The Mystery Ram Error

We had a Fireytech customer bring in her computer for a thorough computer repair tulsa repair. She stated that her HP computer would not load Microsoft Windows consistently, or if she could get it to the desktop, she couldn’t get it to browse the internet or would just randomly lock up. Our expert pc repair tulsa techs began to investigate the problem and found an unusual solution. Our techs love a challenge!

We found that if the computer was left sitting, the screen would timeout and we could not pull the computer out of sleep mode. Our quality computer repair tulsa tech booted the computer into Safe Mode, a nice little diagnostic option in Microsoft Windows. When the HP computer was booted up in safe mode we could fully load the desktop and could access the internet and all programs. We rebooted the computer into normal Microsoft Windows mode and again, it would not work right. We could open some programs but couldn’t browse the internet when using Internet Explorer.

We rebooted the HP Computer into safe mode again and tried to use a restore point from a date before the problem began and ran a few virus scans. The virus scans came back with a few small things but nothing really dramatic. Nonetheless, we rebooted back to normal mode of Microsoft Windows and tried again, hoping it was possibly those few removed files causing the issue. Still the computer kept freezing. Our quality computer repair tulsa techs were ready for battle. This machine was going to work right or else!

Since we had checked over the computer software, we began looking into the computer hardware. We ran a few tests and finally found that the computer was failing memory tests. She had two different sticks of memory and the test showed that both of them were failing. It’s not often you see two separate devices fail simultaneously so we were suspicious. One of the common troubleshooting steps in this situation is to try to isolate the problem so we pulled one of the sticks and re-ran the memory test. With only one stick of memory in her HP computer, it passed the memory test. We then swapped sticks, keeping only one in the machine at a time. With the second stick of memory by itself it also passed the memory test. Head scratcher right? We then put both sticks of memory back in the computer in the exact slots they were originally installed and voila! the memory failed the memory test again. What the what?!! The professional computer repair tulsa tech then swapped the ram sticks positions in the computer. Stick “A” went from slot 1 to slot 2 and stick “B” went from slot 2 to slot 1. We ran the memory test again and this time it passed. Same sticks of memory the entire time but different test results depending on which slot they were in. Lesser technicians would pull their hair out but our wonderful computer repair tulsa techs never give up.

We rebooted the machine with the ram sticks in the new slots and it stopped freezing. We also found that it would now come out of sleep mode perfectly. We ran several burn-in stress tests to push the computer harder than usual and it sat there and ran like a champ. While working on the machine we noticed it was due for several Microsoft Windows updates so we installed each of them and ran through our thorough checklist to ensure that all aspects of her HP Computer were running as expected. No further issues were found.

The solutions to your great computer repair tulsa repair are not always obvious but our amazing pc repair tulsa techs have the experience to think outside the box and work through the problem in an organized and systematic way. If you’re having a head-scratching problem, call Fireytech today to schedule a on-site computer repair or drop off your pc to our computer repair shop tulsa. We would love to resolve your computer issue for you!