We specialize in Data Supplies and Telecom supplies at our Computer Repair Tulsa Shop

Our computer repair shop Tulsa specializes in keeping an inventory of data supplies, telecom supplies, and networking supplies. We strive to keep on hand what you would need to complete your own network cabling job, phone cabling job, or network setup. That includes items like face plates with various numbers of ports, keystones, RJ45 ends, RJ11 ends, patch cables, serial cables, switches, hubs, bulk Cat5 cable and bulk Cat6 cable and much more.

We feature brands such as Leviton, ICC, Dynacom (our favorite), comCables, Monoprice, and many more.

More detailed list:

Face Plates / Wall plates:
We have standard plastic 1 port faceplates, 2 port faceplates, 3 port faceplates, 4 port faceplates and even 6 port faceplates.
We have blank inserts in white and ivory to fill in a hole in a wall plate where you have too many ports.
We have blank wall plates in white and ivory to cover an unused hole in your wall where a jack used to be.
We also have 1 port stainless steel wall plates and 2 port stainless steel wall plates.
We have the rectangle opening decora style wall plates as well:
1 gang decora wall plate
2 gang decora wall plate

We have wall plates with a large circle opening and wall plates with the fuzzy fabric in the middle to use as a cable pass through wall plate.

We have single gang surface mount boxes as well.

We have RJ45 Keystones (some people call them RJ45 inserts) which snap into the above mentioned face plates in various types and colors:
Cat5 keystones, Cat6 keystones in blue, white, ivory, and orange.

We have drywall mounting plates so you can securely mount your faceplates and not have them falling off the wall.

We also have RJ45 ends (for network cables) and RJ11 ends (for phone cables) so you can make your own custom cables.

Network Cables

We have Cat 5 and Cat 6 network cables in various colors and lengths.
Most of our cables are black or blue and we also have a box of miscellaneous cables with several unique colors and lenths.
Standard Lengths we carry in black and blue:
1 foot Cat 5 patch cables
3 foot Cat 5 patch cables
5 foot Cat 5 patch cables
15 foot Cat 5 patch cables

1 foot Cat 6 patch cables
3 foot Cat 6 patch cables
5 foot Cat 6 patch cables
15 foot Cat 6 patch cables

We have surface mount boxes (some people call them biscuits).
1 port surface mount boxes, 2 port surface mount boxes and we keep white and ivory colors on hand.

Specialty networking cables for connecting advanced devices:
We carry straight through serial cables and null modem cables (crossover) as well as serial gender changers in case your device is a different gender than the cables you have.
We carry Cisco console cables.
We carry usb to serial adapters
We have make-your-own serial connectors in 25 pin and 15 pin. You can pin out the connectors in whatever way you need for your devices.

Specialty Surface Mount Boxes:
RJ31x Jacks (for alarm installations)
RJ48x Jacks (for T1 installations)

Telephone / Telephony Supplies

We have Cat 3 keystones in white, ivory, and blue
We carry 66blocks
We have 66 block mouting brackets
We have telephone jacks / telephone surface mount boxes
We have 25 foot phone lines
We have stainless steel phone mounting plates with the 2 screws to hang a wall mount phone.
We have plastic phone wall mount plates
We have DSL filters

Cable Management:
We have zip ties
We have mounting hole zip ties
We have sticky sided velcro
We have rolls of velcro

Lots of computer parts and computer accessories are also available at our excellent computer repair tulsa shop

We are cabling techs ourselves so we know when you are doing a network cabling job you need supplies. We know what you need to complete a job and try to keep as much of these items on hand as possible.

We are the best computer repair Tulsa shop around and we want to be your one stop shop for networking supplies, phone supplies, cabling supplies, and of course where you turn when you need a computer repair in Tulsa. Give us a call today to check inventory and we can special order anything else you might need.