What can Fireytech do for my business with their On-Site Computer Repair Tulsa services?

Who can Fireytech help with on-site computer repair tulsa?  Any small business that does not have their own internal information technology department and needs help with their computer repairs, network setup and troubleshooting, wireless network setup and wireless network troubleshooting and low voltage cabling needs.  We can also help home customers who want high quality onsite computer repairs and general computer help.

Some of our existing clients who love on-site computer repair tulsa services of Fireytech are Chiropractors, Psychology practices, Optometrists, Trucking Companies, Churches, home-based businesses and individuals plus many more.  When we work with each diverse industry customer to provide excellent onsite computer repair tulsa, we work to understand your industry-specific needs and of course we are HIPPA compliant.

With all our wonderful on-site computer repair tulsa and low voltage cabling services, we provide a 100 percent money back guarantee that you will love your service or your money back.  Our hourly rates are fairly priced and are focused on being able to employ high quality technicians.  We focus on quality and relationship rather than trying to beat everyone’s prices.

What can Fireytech do for my business when they perform an amazing onsite computer repair tulsa trip?  We can provide monthly computer maintenance to ensure that your computers are staying current on virus scans and general computer performance by performing a high-quality on-site computer repair tulsa visit.  Customers always ask why their computer slows down when they are still running the same Windows operating system that came with their computer.  Microsoft is continually updating Windows with security and bug fixes.  Over time, these updates modify Windows from what you bought to a larger, more hardware intensive software.  In addition, your web browsers are continually upgrading and every software program you have installed is updating themselves as needed.  Each of these software changes adds more usage to your computer and eventually makes it run slower or require a computer hardware upgrade.  Many times, what you bought when it was new was the cheapest thing on the shelf so it may not have had sufficient computer hardware to really run all the computer programs you are running on it in your business or home.

Your PC has several possible points of hardware bottleneck that can slow it down.  Your computer can be slowed down by your internet connection, your hard drive being too full, too little RAM / Memory, or a CPU (central processing unit) that is too slow for the demands of your computer software.  If your computer is running slow, please call Fireytech to run an assessment onsite computer repair tulsa to find out what is causing your PC to run slow.

If your internet connection is slow and you perform online based work, then your computer could be the fastest on the market and the internet will be your bottleneck.  Always make sure your internet provider is giving you the speed you need for your business needs.  You must remember that every computer in your small business is using a portion of your internet connection.  Think of your internet as a pipe.  There is only so much water you can push through a pipe.  If all the faucets in your house were open full blast, you were running your dishwaser, your clothes washer, your water hose, etc. your water pressure is going to suffer.  If you’re running a 10 megabytes per second internet connection and you have 20 machines using it, you are going to suffer internet performance issues.  If you don’t know what internet speed package you have, ask your provider.  In some cases, you may have performance issues with your internet speed because of issues with your internet provider.  If you are paying for a 50 megabytes per second connection, are you really getting 50mbps?  You can visit www.speedtest.net and run their speed test to see what speed you are really getting.  If your provider says that their connection to your modem is good and your internet speed is still slower than it should be, call Fireytech to schedule a quick onsite computer repair tulsa and we will come out, check your network equipment, and find out where the speed bottleneck is.

If your hard drive is too full your computer speed will suffer as well.  Microsoft Windows must access your hard drive to open and run programs.  Everything on your hard drive is static until you open a program.  Windows must be able to use your hard drive as it opens up the program and all the related files needed to display and let the program function.  If your hard drive is so full that you can save files then it will of course cause you problems beyond just speed issues on your computer.  You will be at risk of data loss.

Computer memory or RAM is another issue we talk about a lot on our on-site computer repair tulsa website, www.fireytech.com.  Most people don’t understand how it works and I won’t cover that again in this article but you need to have as much memory as you can possibly install / afford in your PC to maximize the speed of your computer.  Computer memory is the easiest and cheapest way to try to improve your computer performance.  Fireytech can easily install new pc memory with a great on-site computer repair tulsa visit to your home of office.

The CPU is also a point of bottleneck.  The CPU is the brain of the entire machine and all commands and operations run through your CPU.  Most CPU’s in todays world are actually multiple CPU’s built into one.  They call these cores.  So if you have a dual core CPU it means that your one CPU is actually a chip that has two CPU’s.  This doubles the amount of processing power in your computer.  We have come a long way from the old days of single core processors.  Many of our high performance phones have octa-core processors.  Yes, that means the phone has an 8 core processor!  Your computer processor should be running as many cores as possible for maximum performance.  In todays world for most business usage you want to have at least a 4 or 6 core processor at a minimum.  More is always better.

Just like your computer, Fireytech believes that more is better.  When you take advantage of our top notch on-site computer repair tulsa service, you will be pleased.  Call today!  918-258-3473 or visit www.fireytech.com to schedule your onsite computer repair tulsa appointment.