At Fireytech computer repair Tulsa we are always watching out for our customers. Lately it seems like a ton of people who have brought in their computers for repair at our computer repair shop Tulsa have had failed Seagate hard drives. It’s a very small sample size so this is far from scientific but the vast majority of internal and external hard drive failures we have seen over the past 3 months have been Seagate hard drives.

Fireytech is an Oklahoma company and Seagate employs people in Oklahoma so we love to support companies with local impact but this trend worries me. We’ll start keeping track of what we see and update you as we progress but right now, I would caution anyone thinking of buying a Seagate hard drive. We don’t want you to take a chance of losing valuable data that would require you to need a quality computer repair tulsa event.

As much as Fireytech loves to repair computers at our computer repair shop Tulsa, we don’t want to see you unnecessarily. We recommend computer repair tulsa customers buying Western Digital brand hard drives at this time.

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