Virus removal is an ever changing battle.  This article is to give you an idea of the general process behind what we at Fireytech do to clean viruses.  You should always check for the most current solutions by doing Google research and apply this article knowledge to the latest tools.  Fireytech is always here to help if you decide this is more than you want to tackle.

Any work creates risks of data loss so make sure you have a backup of your important data before proceeding with any of these suggestions.

If the virus has taken control of your computer to the point you can’t do anything, you will have to scan the hard drive using another computer or a boot based scanner that scans before Windows loads.

Google Search: dos based virus scanner

If you still have control of the computer, you will want to run virus scanning tools.  There are many free programs you can temporarily download and install just for cleaning.  You should run 2-3 different programs to ensure that you have thoroughly scanned and cleaned Windows.

Google Search: best free virus removal tools

Once you are clean you want to select ONE good quality anti-virus tool to keep you clean.  Running more than one anti virus program will cause performance issues and conflicts between the programs.  Remember you get what you pay for.  Free is not always the best option for long term protection.  Any program you purchase will have to be renewed every year or so or you will not be protected with the latest virus definitions (database of latest viruses and their defenses)

Google Search: best antivirus software

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