Fireytech Computer Repair of Tulsa Warranty Policy

Labor Warranty

Fireytech provides a 30 day labor warranty on all work performed.

If Fireytech missed something the customer asked to be completed, and the customer was billed for that task, or if Fireytech made a mistake, Fireytech will fix an issue that has re-occurred within 30 days at no additional charge.

Tasks requested (or not requested) that were not billed to the customer would not be covered under warranty and would incur an additional labor fee to complete.

If the customer makes a change that causes the computer problem, installs conflicting software or hardware, or otherwise causes the problem, it is not covered by labor warranty.

Parts Warranty

New parts

All new computer parts and networking parts sold carry at least a one year warranty.  Many of the brands we sell are chosen because they provide more than a year of warranty.  Each part has a different warranty period.  If a part is warrantied for more than a year by the manufacturer, we do our best to disclose the additional warranty period at the time of sale and on the invoice.  Feel free to ask our staff for clarification on individual parts at any time.  If the warranty period is more than 1 year, we will do our best to get you the information you need to contact the manufacturer to get warranty service on your parts.

Used Parts

Used computer parts or networking equipment are covered for 30 days.  We will replace or repair the parts at our discretion within 30 days of the date of the invoice.

Used Computers

All used computers sold by Fireytech are covered by a 90 day warranty from the date of the invoice.  This warranty covers the physical hardware only.

The warranty covers in-shop resolution only. There is no on-site warranty coverage.  On-site computer repair under warranty would incur a labor fee.  We will repair or replace the computer at our discretion in our shop with no additional labor or parts charges.  Any shipping or transportation costs to bring the computer to our shop are not included in the warranty and are the responsibility of the customer.

All warranty decisions are made at the sole discretion of Fireytech Computer Repair of Tulsa, LLC.