What is the best wireless keyboard and wireless mouse to use?

In my opinion, Logitech makes the best wireless products and it’s not just because of their hardware.

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Logitech’s software has a unique feature that I have never found with any other keyboard or mouse brand. Logitech has software they call “Logitech Unifying Software” which allows you to change what devices are paired with your wireless receiver. One reason this is incredible is, if you lose your wireless receiver, you can buy just the receiver and re-pair your existing keyboard and mouse with the new receiver so you don’t have to buy an entirely new mouse and keyboard set. It also allows you to pair additional or multiple keyboards and mice with the same computer.

Another feature I love about Logitech is their keyboards and mice have a storage slot inside the battery door where you can insert the wireless receiver during transport. This works really well if you have a laptop bag or are just moving your devices in general. You can safely store that tiny wireless receiver / dongle so you don’t lose it!

Watch the video below for full explanation:

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